30 Nights Wild, night 9

There was a lot of coming and going this evening, so it was difficult to keep track of who was in the sett and who was out. Theresa and Jeremy went out early on, taking the path on the right of my ladder. Cub Nicola came out to the feeding site at 9:30, still in good light. She was soon joined by the second cub Nigel, and they had a good chase around, clearly more interested in play than in food.

The early badger catches the peanut

Boris emerged soon after 10 and they ate peanuts together for a while. The other adults came back to the sett, Boris left, and Jeremy came out to join the cubs. At about 10:30, the whole clan set off across the wood. I'd love to be able to follow them, but even if they would accept me I'd have difficulty getting through the brambles and over the fences!


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