30 Nights Wild, night 3

Usually Boris, the yearling male, is first out to the food, with the older male Jeremy waiting behind him, but for the last few nights I've noticed a change in behaviour. Jeremy has reluctantly emerged first and Boris has turned up later. Tonight it was the cub that came out first, from the brambles in front of me, then Jeremy crept out of the hole on my left. Boris came across the sett from the left, but didn't come straight to the food. He circled around nervously. At first I thought it was me he was worried about, but then I realised it was Jeremy. Finally, very cautiously, he came to the food. Jeremy did not react at all, he just kept munching peanuts.

Foraging cub

I usually pack up and leave when the badgers have dispersed into the wood or field, but tonight I was aware when I came down from my ladder that the cub was still around. I kept the camera ready and infrared light plugged in, just in case she reappeared. I was amazed when two little heads popped up from the hole nearest my ladder. There are TWO cubs!


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