30 Nights Wild, night 14

It was a warm evening and the mosquitos were horrendous. Two fox cubs visited the badgers' feeding area at about 8:10, but soon wandered off. Nicola emerged at 9:30 and had a look around. Perhaps smelling fox, she decided it wasn't safe and retreated back to the sett.

Nicola smells fox

Half an hour later, Nigel came out for some food and eventually Nicola joined him. After eating for a while, they had a play fight which ended in them rushing off into the brambles. I was about to leave when Boris returned from the woods, having once again gone out without me seeing him. The sett covers a large area and it's easy enough for a badger to leave or return at the far end undetected, under cover of the bracken and brambles. He came out to clean up the peanuts that the cubs had left and was soon joined by Jeremy. Noises from the brambles told me the cubs were still playing. It was about 11 when the adults wandered off and I was able to leave too.


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