30 Nights Wild, night 7

The wind had dropped by this evening, although a light drizzle persisted. On the drive down to Badger Wood I saw a brown hare running down the road - a young one, a well grown leveret. It was great to see, as hare numbers have declined noticeably in this area over the last few years.

Nicola and Jeremy feeding together

I sat in my dome hide, to keep the rain off my camera. The cub Nicola was first out again, appearing just after 10pm. She ate peanuts until a fighter plane came over and frightened her away. It was another half hour before Jeremy turned up. Another plane came over, but he ignored it. Nicola emerged again and they ate together for a while. Then Boris came along, but just watched from the brambles for a while. It was only after Jeremy and Nicola had left that Boris came out to the feeding site, but by that time all the food had gone.


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