30 Nights Wild, night 2

I checked the weather forecast earlier in the day and was expecting a shower early in the evening and fine weather for badger watching. However, the rain came later than expected, starting just as I arrived at the sett.

A very wet and muddy badger

As I approached the feeding site to put out some peanuts for the badgers, I was just in time to see the mother and cub heading out towards the field. I waited under the trees for a while until the rain eased off, then took my seat three metres off the ground.

A damp evening like this is great for badgers, as it brings earthworms to the surface where they can be easily hoovered up. Earthworms make up about 80% of a badger's diet. I had a long wait in persistent drizzle before a very damp badger returned from the fields to take a few peanuts.


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