30 Nights Wild, night 17

It was a very warm evening, so I decided to revert to my usual routine of sitting in my high seat, three metres off the ground. It's cooler at that height and there are fewer mosquitos. The woodland smelt of wild honeysuckle - there's a lot of it here, an indicator of ancient woodland.

Nigel emerges

Peanuts and honey

Perhaps the badgers had slept badly in the day's heat, but they were late emerging this evening. It was 9:45 before Nicola appeared, soon followed by Nigel. They didn't eat for long before running off into the brambles. Jeremy came out to the feeding site, but he didn't stay long either. Soon I could hear squealing noises as they played in the centre of the sett. Three badgers were chasing around, with Boris joining in the game. All went quiet and I knew they had gone off across the wood, with more important business to attend to. They'd be back later, to finish off the peanuts.


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