30 Nights Wild, night 8

At last we had a fine night and I was able to return to my high seat, three metres off the ground. This gives me a great view over the sett and I can see much more of the action than is possible from the ground. A barn owl flew past me, at eye level and very close. They fly silently, so you don't hear them coming.

Clan gathering

The cub Nicola appeared, ate some peanuts and returned to the brambles. I thought that was all I would see this evening, but then I heard a rustling in the undergrowth on my right. Both cubs were approaching. They passed right under my ladder and went to the feeding site. A minute later, Jeremy and Boris emerged together from the hole in front of me and came to the food. Both were spotlessly clean and seemed very relaxed, any animosity between them apparently forgotten. The clan ate together, with only Theresa missing. She is very distinctive, with her torn left ear, but I haven't seen her at the feeding site for over a week now. She's just not that keen on peanuts.

The cubs ran around and eventually started to play fight. Nicola may be smaller than Nigel, but she's a feisty little cub and gives as good as she gets. This went on for a couple of minutes before they ran off into the wood behind me, only to return a minute later. After a bit of grooming, all four badgers wandered off across the wood.


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