30 Nights Wild, night 20

A much cooler evening, more pleasant for badgers and humans. I watched from my high seat tonight, well clear of most of the mosquitos. Nicola emerged at 9:30 and Jeremy was out five minutes later. He did his usual trick of watching me from one entrance and then emerging from another, having taken the underground. Nicola didn't eat for long before running off back to the sett. A few minutes later she was in a game of chase with Nigel, in the centre. Nicola returned to the feeding site, but Nigel didn't follow. He was left wandering around on his own.

Then I saw Boris moving through the brambles, to appear over to my left. Nigel was close behind. He came over to the feeding site, to join Nicola and Jeremy, while Boris stayed and watched for a minute before retreating back into the brambles. The two cubs then had an amazing play fight, tumbling over each other, pulling tails and chasing around.


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