30 Nights Wild, night 12

I was hoping for an early night today and the badgers did not disappoint. In fact, Nicola emerged to check for peanuts at 8:05, long before I arrived. She came out again just after 9, to find the peanuts and honey had appeared. Ten minutes later, Jeremy and Nigel emerged and joined Nicola. Boris went straight out into the wood, down the path to my right.

Honey badger

The cubs then went to play on the fallen branches under a big oak tree. Nicola walked along a high branch, like a gymnast on the beam, deftly turned around but then fell off! The two cubs then came out of the brambles onto the spoil heap and had an epic play fight which went on for ages. It was great to watch. Finally, the whole clan went off to the fields at about 10pm.


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