30 Nights Wild, night 10

First out this evening were the wood mice. They pinched a few peanuts before the badgers emerged. A badger is unlikely to eat an adult wood mouse, as the mice are too fast, but they will empty a nest of babies.

Feeding time

Nicola appeared at about 9:30 and went straight to the dish of honey. There was a gusty wind, which always makes the badgers uneasy, and Nicola soon retreated back to the sett. Boris went out along the path on my right and returned a few minutes later. He, Jeremy and the two cubs then came out to the feeding site and fed together in relative harmony. Cub Nigel was slow to discover peanuts but is making up for it now by defending his peanuts from the rest of the clan. A few times even top boar Jeremy has been pushed away and sometimes he retaliates, sending the cub back to the sett. They all went off to the field at about 10:30. After all the rain we've had, earthworms will be easy to find this evening.


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