30 Nights Wild, night 4

It was cooler tonight, but with a clear sky giving good light in the woods well into the evening. Two cuckoos were calling, one nearby and the other very distant, and a tawny owl flew across the wood.

Jeremy laps up the honey

As usual, a badger went off to the latrines at about 9:10 and came back 10 minutes later. Jeremy, the mature male, hung around in the brambles for a while but didn't come out to the food. Finally cub Nicola wandered across the sett and came straight out to the peanuts. Jeremy joined her and they ate together for a while. Boris came in from the wood, paused to watch them, but then continued through the brambles and out again towards the fields.

Jeremy soon followed while Nicola watched me set up the camera trap and leave. Ten minutes later the other cub Nigel joined her and licked the honey dish clean.


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