30 Nights Wild, night 5

A really wild night tonight, with strong wind and heavy rain. Normally I would not have been out in this weather, but I've challenged myself to badger watch every night in June and didn't want to fail in the first week! Perhaps more importantly, I'm hoping to gain a greater insight into the lives of these secretive creatures and the only way to do that is to spend time with them, whatever the weather.

Nicola finds peanuts

I sat in a dome hide which gives me and the camera some protection from the rain. It was 10:15 before the cub Nicola came out to the food, but she kept running back to the sett every few minutes. Top boar Jeremy soon emerged and they ate together for a while. Boris appeared, looking very muddy, and sniffed around anxiously before running back to the sett. Until last week, he was the more confident of the two boars, but now the tables have turned. I think Jeremy, the older boar, has been exerting his dominance and for now at least, Boris is afraid to come anywhere near him.


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