30 Nights Wild, night 22

Once again, I put out the food and then returned to my car for the camera gear. When I got back to the feeding site, both cubs were already out. It was cooler and breezy tonight, so the sound of the wind masked the noise of my approach. I was able to stalk quite close to the cubs and get a few photos before they realised I was there and scuttled back to the sett.

Nicola and Nigel finding peanuts

I got to my high seat and had quite a long wait before top boar Jeremy cautiously emerged. He was soon followed by the cub Nigel, now covered in sand. The cubs had been play-fighting underground. Nigel didn't stay for long, before heading back down the sett. Fifteen minutes later, both cubs emerged again, this time looking clean. Boris joined them soon afterwards.

A baby rabbit ran across the open area on my left and went behind me. All the badgers looked up, but only Nicola went after it. She raced across, chasing the rabbit into the brambles on the other side. The other badgers continued eating peanuts. Five minutes later Nicola reappeared, having clearly failed to catch the rabbit. As I left Badger Wood, there was a woodcock sitting in the middle of the road. I stopped for it, thinking it might be injured, but it then flew off into the wood.


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