30 Nights Wild, night 18

Another very warm, still evening. The badgers, ever unpredictable, had an early night tonight. Jeremy emerged just after nine, in good light, and the two cubs joined him ten minutes later.

The cubs emerge, with Jeremy watching on

They soon started playing again - I've never known cubs play as much as these two. They were fooling around a deep entrance hole, one in the hole defending it, while the other tried either to get in himself, or pull the other out! Then they nosed around under my ladder and covered my battery pack in sand. Jeremy wandered off back to the brambles and the cubs ran off into the woods for another game of chase.

Boris returning

Boris returned to the sett, wandered through the brambles and came out to the feeding site. He cleared up a few peanuts that the cubs had missed. As I was leaving Badger Wood, a barn owl flew down the road in front of me.


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