Volunteering at Flamborough

30 Days Wild, day 9: After a slightly chilly and grey start to the morning, the sun soon came out and it was a glorious day on Flamborough Cliffs. Some new stock fencing has been put in, which made two stiles across the path redundant, so our main task for the day was to remove them. One was rather ancient and was easily removed, but the other was of more recent construction and was very strong.

The second stile coming out…

…minutes later, gone!

 Removing nails, so the wood can be recycled

We also removed an old bench and added the finishing touches to a new cattle pen which I'd worked on a month ago, in very different weather. The seabirds were very active, with lines of gannets commuting along the coast to their feeding grounds. Lots of wild flowers are out and the reserve is buzzing with insects.

The new cattle pen

Red campion on the cliff top

Bird's-foot trefoil

Ragged robin

Oxeye daisy

Wall butterfly


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