Canoeing on the Ouse

30 days Wild, day 24: About 40 years ago (when we'd just joined the EU), I had a dinghy with an outboard motor which I used to launch from Linton Lock, on the River Ouse a few miles north of York. Today I paddled my canoe. There has clearly been regime change at Linton Lock. I was charged £3 and told I was not allowed to use the slipway, but had to enter from the pontoons which are too high for a canoe, making the launch unnecessarily difficult.

However, once on the water it was very pleasant, with lots of mallard ducklings around, the odd heron and kingfisher, and sand martins everywhere. I paddled up past Aldwark Bridge, stopped for lunch on a grassy bank and had a 'wild swim' before making my way back.

Heading up river

Sand martin nest holes

Approaching Aldwark toll bridge

Lunch stop

A wild swim


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