A Bad Hare Day

Sometimes it all just comes together – and sometimes it doesn’t! This morning I was up at 5:30 to watch brown hares in the fields behind the village. There was a hard frost and it was still dark when I got to the corner of the field I wanted to watch. I set up my dome hide and camera and waited. Before long, two hares came through the hedge at the far end of the field and ran across to the other side. At least four more appeared later and chased around a bit, but didn’t do any boxing. None ever came close enough for a photo. In previous years, I’ve watched a barn owl hunting along these field margins, but not today. As I was packing up, a roe deer ran across the next field, disturbed by an early-morning dog-walker. I’ve hopefully found a better place to sit next time, where I might get closer to the hares and stand a better chance of getting some photos.

Brown hare giving me the run-around


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