My Garden Wildlife

Just a quick update on goings-on in my garden. There was a period of a few weeks when the garden birds deserted my hanging feeder. Maybe there was better food available in the fields and hedgerows. Anyway, they’re back now and the feeder is once more emptied every day. Seed dropped by the smaller birds attracts larger ones – the collared doves, wood pigeons, rooks and sometimes a pheasant. I’m delighted to see the first hedgehog of spring back in my garden (and have logged it on They too take fallen seed from under the hanging feeder. Life is returning to my garden pond - the newts are back and the marsh marigolds are growing rapidly. There’s still no sign of activity in the tawny owl box, but if the owls don’t take it this year there’s always a chance the jackdaws will.

The first hedgehog of spring

The usual suspects - collared dove and wood pigeon...
...and an alien predator.


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