Pulfin Bog

Today I went to Pulfin Bog, near Beverley, for a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust volunteer work day. We continued mowing and raking up an area of sweet-grass (Glyceria) in the reed bed. Normally we’d have burned the piles, but today it was just too windy. It’s hard work at the best of times, but today’s strong wind made it even harder.

The river is tidal here and the tide was evidently in, because the water level was right to the top of the banks and the reed bed was squelchy underfoot. We had a walk around the reserve in the afternoon. There were fewer birds than last time, but we did see swans and geese on the main pond, a flock of curlews and an egret in the reed bed, and a lovely toad on one of the paths.

Mowing and raking in a gale

Heading to dryer ground for a lunch break
Toad heading to its spawning grounds


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