Velvet Fungus

We had another conservation volunteer work day at the old fish farm today, cutting down a line of elder trees. On one branch, which I was about to throw on the fire, I noticed a rather beautiful brown velvet fungus. It’s called variously Jelly ear, Jew’s ear or Judas’s ear. Apparently Judas Iscariot hanged himself from an elder tree – a poor choice of tree for the purpose. I’d left two camera traps there (see 24th Jan). The camera under the bridge had recorded nothing, but the one on the track, which I’d left in video mode, had filmed an otter at 6am, but with the camera all misted up. For the second time, the otter managed to knock the camera over, in spite of its post being securely buried in the ground. It’s a very strong otter. I must start getting better picture quality, but the damp weather is making it difficult.

The Jelly ear fungus


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