Happy New Year!

I woke to the sound of a pheasant in the garden and was glad I’d remembered to fill the bird feeders yesterday. I put up the new calendars from BBC Wildlife and Buglife. My Tansy beetle photo is ‘Miss September’ in the Buglife calendar, which I’m rather chuffed about. It was a damp start to the day and the forecast showed it was only going to get worse, so I went straight down to Badger Wood to check the camera traps.
The badgers had started their New Year’s Eve revelry at 18:15 and been active through the night until 04:45. A fox trotted past the camera trap at 08:50. My second camera trap was watching a beautiful moss covered log in the wet wood area, where I hope to photograph some of the woodland birds. I’d put some dried mealworms down to attract the birds, but there had been no takers. It’s evidently going to be a while before they find this new food source.


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