Roe Encounter

I went back to Badger Wood and found the custom camera trap’s batteries were flat, as expected. I watched over the mossy log for two hours. Flocks of long-tailed tits passed over, but none came down to the log. Only a robin actually landed and I got several photos.

A few mealworms are sure to attract a robin

A grey squirrel came over to check me out, then went back the way it had come. I was about to give up when three roe deer came across the path about 80 yards in front of me. I managed to photograph them jumping the fence.

Cross the path...
...prepare for takeoff...

...jump the fence

A few minutes later I saw them watching me from the other side. I was in a hide, with the sun behind me, but they knew I was there. They bounded away. I’m always amazed at just how sensitive the woodland animals are to their surroundings - aware of my presence long before I see them. I brought the custom camera trap back home and added another relay to get the camera’s power saving function to work.


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