Another Spurn Beach Clean

I’ve had a rubbish weekend. This was the last of three organised clean-up weekends at Spurn Point, following the tidal surge that swept over the peninsula in December. We started on Saturday by cleaning up an area of beach at the top end of the peninsula, then moved into the salt-marsh area behind the beach, known as Beacon Lagoons. This is an important nesting area for Little Terns, which return from Africa in late April and depart again in August. It was covered in bits of broken plastic, fragments of polystyrene packaging, old tyres, bits of fishing net and plastic bottles. I went to a comfy B & B for the night and had unsustainable cod and chips at the local pub. On Sunday the weather started fine, but soon deteriorated. We continued the clean-up of Beacon Lagoons in 40 mph winds and horizontal rain. I filled two more bin bags and recovered a length of rope and a complete fishing net, before the clean-up was abandoned due to the weather.

 We're going to need a bigger trailer

A deadly meal for any marine mammal

I’ve received the amazing news that I’ve been selected as one of 12 Local Patch Reporters for BBC Wildlife magazine. They want the blog in weekly instalments, starting from Monday 10th February.


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