Badger Cubs

On Friday night I went down to Badger Wood, hoping to see the two badger cubs again. I sat in my high seat and waited. Before long, striped faces appeared around the hole about 20 metres from me. Two adult badgers and the two cubs were snuffling around amongst the brambles. They disappeared into the vegetation and after another half hour or so, the two cubs popped up from the hole right in front of me. They rummaged through the leaf litter for a while and eventually stumbled upon the peanuts I’d put out for them. They ate for a long time, but eventually they’d had enough and went back to the sett.

How many badger cubs?

I was about to leave when I noticed a movement in the brambles around the hole and realised they hadn’t gone down. I stayed put as I didn’t want to frighten them. I was then surprised to see them coming out and returning to the peanuts. Then I was amazed to see another two cubs appear and join the first pair. A minute later another two cubs appeared – now there were six!

There's always one that just wants to play

Soon two adults came and joined them, giving me disapproving looks. However, they soon forgot I was there, the cubs played and the adults tried to keep order. It’s going to be mayhem over the next few months.

Six cubs and two adults


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