North Cliffe Wood

The second Sunday of the month is the regular date for a conservation workday at North Cliffe Wood. The bluebells in the wood are just beginning to open – they’ll be magnificent in a week or two. I’ve had a camera alongside a track through the woods for the last three nights, hoping to photograph passing roe deer, but with no luck. Instead I got a brown hare, which was a surprise.

The bluebells are just beginning to open
Brown hare in the woods

Today we have been checking and repairing the perimeter fence of the heathland area, in preparation for the arrival of some Hebridean sheep. We found a grass snake out in the open. It made no attempt to find cover when we approached and we soon realised that it had been injured, probably by a crow or bird of prey. Tin sheets are left out for grass snakes to hide under, so we moved one over to the injured snake, so that it could take cover. Many creatures have a remarkable ability to recover from injury, so it may be OK.

The grass snake

Afterwards I called in at Calley Heath on my way home, to check the sheep, some of which will be going to North Cliffe. Their regular minder is on holiday for the next week, so I’ll be checking them every day, just to make sure they’re all present and in good condition, with no limpers.

The white sheep of the flock is very friendly


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