North Cliffe Wood

I had a walk through North Cliffe Wood the other day. I usually go there for a conservation workday, so it’s nice to occasionally just visit to see what effect all our hard work is having. The woods are full of birdsong, with great spotted woodpeckers hammering and green woodpeckers ‘yaffling’. One area of brambles that we cut back last year is now a sea of bluebells – it looks amazing!

The bluebells are the best ever

I was beginning to think it wouldn’t happen this year, but great tits have finally moved into one of my nest boxes. They may already be on eggs – one bird spent half an hour in the box this morning while I was trying to film it coming out! The other good news is that the swallows are back. I’ve heard they’ve been in the area for some time, but today is the first time I’ve seen them in the village. Sometimes I get them nesting in my porch and sometimes on the kink in the drainpipe, but there’s no activity around either so far.

Great tits in the box


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