A Day in the Reedbeds

Today I went to a conservation volunteering workday at Skerne Wetlands. This is a new nature reserve near Driffield, being created from an old fish farm. It is not yet open to the public, so it’s a real privilege to be there. We’ve been cutting willow which is growing in reedbeds that were once the ponds where fish were raised. The cut stems were collected up and will provide material for craft sessions at the Pearson Park Wildlife Garden in Hull.

Cutting willow in the reedbeds

Some of the ponds will be re-flooded to provide a variety of habitat for water birds and other wildlife. One is being landscaped for creation of a wet woodland area, with strips being dug out for flooding and raised areas left in between where trees will be planted.

One man and his dog dig out the wet woodland area
I’ve had a camera trap out recently under the seed feeder in my garden. I was pleased to see that there are still hedgehogs around, hoovering up the fallen seed. The mild weather we are having should help them build up weight to get them through their winter hibernation.

Hedgehog with an itch


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