Conservation Grazing

White Park conservation volunteer at work
Yesterday I checked the White Park cattle that are ‘conservation grazing’ on Allerthorpe Common. These are huge but docile animals, descended from the Britain’s original wild cattle. They were domesticated in the middle ages, but by the 1970’s there were only 60 animals remaining. Now there are about 2000, half of which are in the UK. They’re good for conservation grazing as they prefer the coarse grasses that other breeds won’t touch. I just wish they’d eat birch seedlings too! I made sure they are all present and in good condition, and filled their water trough from the bowser.

Very dead pigeon and its ring

Walking back to my car, I came across the long dead body of a medium sized bird, underneath the power lines. I noticed that it had a ring on one leg, which I realised was the type used on racing pigeons. I reported it to the Royal Pigeon Racing Association and they have informed the bird’s owner, in Doncaster.

Tiny flowers of Eyebright, currently in the reserve



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