30 Nights Wild, night 27

Heavy rain was forecast for about 10, so I set up my dome hide to provide some cover for the camera gear. Nicola watched me from the hole opposite and only retreated when I walked slowly towards her to put out the peanuts. She was back out again within five minutes and ate for a while before disappearing down the hole on my right.


Two minutes later she came back with Nigel. They ate together for a few minutes, then Nicola had had enough and wandered off into the brambles. Nigel continued to eat, but was a bit nervous, rushing off every few minutes, perhaps when he caught my scent, or noticed the red glow of my infrared light. Boris was keeping an eye on him, watching from the brambles. Finally, he wandered off back to the sett. I packed up just before the rain started and took my camera gear back to the car. When I returned to collect the hide, one cub was out again and Boris was still watching from the brambles.


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