30 Nights Wild, night 25

This evening I decided to sit on the ground and hand-hold the video camera, with a small infrared light attached. I also set up a GoPro on the opposite side of the feeding area, to simultaneously film the action from both sides.

Nicola, Nigel and me

There wasn't much action for a while, but eventually Nicola had the courage to emerge. Nigel took a bit longer and the light was fading by the time they were both feeding in front of me. Nicola finished first and wandered off into the brambles, leaving Nigel working his way slowly towards me. I'd evidently put out too many peanuts, as he too wandered off before reaching the food around my feet. I heard rustling in the brambles from the adults, but they wouldn't come out while I was there. As I left, the cubs were playing noisily in the centre of the sett.


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