30 Nights Wild, night 26

 I went back up my ladder this evening, to watch the badgers from three metres up. Nigel was out first for a change. He spent ten minutes eating peanuts on his own, then went off through the sett to find Nicola. They came running back together two minutes later and rummaged through the leaf litter finding peanuts for quite some time.


Eventually, they'd both had enough and went off to the big oak tree to play on the slippery logs. Boris then appeared and came to the feeding site, with Jeremy turning up a minute later. They ate together for a while, then the cubs realised the adults were there and came running over. They were warmly greeted, but Boris wanted a quiet evening so didn't stay. Jeremy played with the cubs for a while before they all went off across the sett and into the woods on the other side.


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