On the Trail of an Otter

This week I’ve made a determined effort to get a decent photo of the otter I’ve been camera trapping for a few weeks now. On Tuesday I left my best SLR camera on the river bank, connected to a trail monitor. The otter managed to avoid it completely, using another path which I had camera trapped. I discovered that there are at least two otters and twice in the last few days they’ve come out of the river at about 4:30pm. On Wednesday I decided to stay late in the hope of actually seeing an otter and taking photos with a long lens. Of course, they didn’t show up and I had a long walk back to the car in fading light, with no pictures. It’s a remote spot and not a good place to be wandering around after dark (unless you’re an otter). I’ve set up my second SLR camera with the trail monitor and will give it a few more days. This time it’s further back from the otters’ path, so I’m hoping they won’t notice it!

Two otters!
The 4:30 otter passing the camera trap
A heron dropped in to pose for the camera


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